My name is Anita Gyovai BABIKNE. I am environmental engineer. I am dealed with modelling of air pollution and forecasting air quality of Budapest. At the hungarian oil company I was worked at Health Safety and Environment organistaion as an environmental expert and I was the Environmental Management System leader. Mainly I was responsible for air quality related tasks. I calculated emissions and organised the measuring for monitoring and kept contact with the authorities. As EMS leader I introduced a new method for estimating environmental aspects. I implemented the LDAR project – based on the measurements of fugitive sources we identified the major leakage points which were eliminated during turnarounds. I made the detailed VOC inventory in the refinery (fugitive emissions, emissions from tanks, waste water treatment plants and loss in solvents). I coordinated the Sustainable Development tasks in the Refinery managed the SD actions and supplying of data. I prepared the yearly environmental report and made training material for environmental exam for the workers.

At this moment I write a book for children about environmental problems, design webpages, write blogs and drawing.

Education experience

At the oil company I was responsible for teaching environmental fields for workers. I participated in conferences where I made presentations. I organised and managed a competition of the “Who knows more about refining” for local elementary school.

In december 2018 I kept a lecture in our school about environmental problems. I think that environmental awarness has to start with children. I told them about the “exxpedition” road around the world and  that I wanted to be there and I asked them to support. They liked me. 🙂

The book

I started to write a book with my friends (2 environmental and two chemical engineer) about a boy, who will be a hero. He go to the trip around the world with his parents, because his mother is  biologyst and his father is photographer. They mission’s to capture pictures about endangered animal species. There are 25 locations/stops, where appear different environmental problems. The boy learn a lot about the trip and will be the guardian of the Earth.

Aims of the book is double. On the one hand give lot of knowledge and on the other hand try to pay attention to the urgent problems influencing children’s environmental attitudes. Only missing the illustrations which I would like to finishing in 2019.

Drawing, illustration, urban sketching

More than 3 years ago I started to draw. I’ve done different drawing courses learn about sketching end meditative drawing. My favourtive hobby is urban sketching with akvarell. My drawing blog is ““.

1 and half years ago I teached meditative drawing. I show this technique more than 150 people and children.


When I am travelling I like to share my feeling and experience. I have a few blogs write about around the world. In October 2018 I traveled to Bali with a drawing group. I stayed there for two weeks and I reported my experiences every day. It was a beautiful and very interesting trip. It was very different from our culture, lot of temples, wonderful rice terraces, amazing landscapes, museums, friendly people and so on.

Vogalonga 2016

Vogalonga 2017

Vogalonga 2019

Bali 2018

Video for Bali


I like sports. I runned a lot, at 2002 I runned the Budapest Marathon. Nowadays I do aerobic, walking and dragon boating. I have no sailing experience but I am planning in summer of 2019 to start to learn  basic of sailing. I feel strong and I am in a good condition.


I have a good natured and positive personality. I am helpful and always find resolving problems. I have a technical background (mechanical studies and engineering).


I’m a happy mother of three children and wife of a wonderful husband.

My dream… my aim…

My dream is to attend an expedition around the world… If I…

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